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Here's the COOL stuff, here's the WEIRD stuff!

Some of you so far have been looking at my pages and music player sites and wonder, "What is in this guy's HEAD?!?".

Well, first of all, I have some completely original stuff, composed on various platforms and editors, Medly, Band-In-A-Box, Sonar, and other things. This kind of music tends to be mostly experimental, it's falls in the categories of EDM, New Wave, Industrial, and it's meant to be weird and alternative-like.

THEN, there's a bunch of pop tunes, movie themes, jazz standards, and stuff you may have heard for years on the radio. A lot of that is what I use to perform LIVE at local functions. I use this to perform at cafe's, restaurants, clubs, nursing homes and fun places like that.

They're just to show that I can use classical music for things like weddings or concerts, but to show I can modify them and offer you things you never heard of, such as my "Adagio for Synths", an adaptation of Samuel Barber's orchestral piece, but changed up into pure synthesizer sounds. I'll use most of these for weddings and public events that require a classical music touch.

One of my upcoming projects is taking a pop music cover tune and changing the style from the original format (maybe standard classic rock) and converting it to jazz (like in the form of Postmodern Jukebox).

Stay tuned, it's gonna get weird from here.

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