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Random stuff Tuesday

New band action - The blues/rock/country group, 3614, from Tecumseh has invited me to play keyboards for them. I've performed with a few of the current members, Dave and the lovely Miss Paula in recent Paragon gigs. DO I EVEN HAVE THE TIME? At this moment I certainly do. Paragon's on an extended break for now and Mercury7 is mostly in the rehearsal studio banging away at cool new tunes. 3614 is a little bit of a shift from previous work, doing more blues and funk than ever.

(Remember, all southern ladies are referred to as "Miss" or "Ms" or "Mrs". You aren't a southerner unless your grandparents were born in the South...)

Working on a new record - WHAT? After spending too much time watching extremely bad videos of EDM, Drone, Dub, Prog Trance and Waporwave acts on Facebook, I came to one conclusion:

I can write better sh*t than that.

Half of these guys have synths and software than can reproduce thousands of instruments, melodies, and automatically generated harmonies and even whole songs, these @$$hats write and record crap that sounds like a bull moose fed into a tree shredder. (How DF did this guy get 54,000 YouTube views?!?!?!)

The other half are recording 20 some hours of hitting a Roland SH101 with a wiffle bat.

Okay, I'm much older than these young whippersnappers, but geez, a song has to have some structure, or some semblance of a pattern, or even a f*cking ending.

I'm going to make a record, or at least string together 40 some minutes of stuff that has a freaking chord progression in it, fer Pete's sake!!!! Even THIS would be more coherent.

Get off my lawn.

Coolest thing I've heard yet - I'm into all kinds of remixes, covers, altered style covers, and taking pop tunes and turning them into something else. I do that of course. While in Aruba last month, I came across this version while on a catamaran, snorkelling.

This deserves the 20,000 some YouTube views.

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