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Foob? WTF is a "Foob"?

Everyone has different methods of composing songs. Some do it on the toilet. Some do it in bed (songwriting that is). Some will be on the train going to work and something will come to them.

Me? Well, it's more like, "I've got time to blow sitting here waiting for a flight/sandwich/oil change, and I've got nothing better to do at this time, but maybe make up some music....".

That's where "Foob" came from. I was sitting in the 12 Items or Less checkout aisle at Meijer's and something just hit me. Actually it was the 3-year old tyke right behind me in line, but nevertheless, I persisted.

My tune "Uranus" was more of a sci-fi type thing. Foob was more like, "Let's start out with a bunch of random crap, the slowly get it back into order. Foob is a nonsense word. However, it didn't take you long how to say "Foob", did it?

The intent here was to make a bunch of random noise at first, then combining or "re-aligning" the tones to match the beat then merge into chords, mostly "sixth" chords. By the time I got done with it, to me it sounded like something from a Japanese play, but with many disclaimers, I have to admit, I wouldn't know Japanese opera from Polish zydeco music. Then again, towards the middle, you can hear the word, "FOOB" in the background.

Hence, I present to you, FOOB:

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