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New album in the works!

Greetings, Earthlings. For 2019, I'm putting together a physical album, CD, collection, whatever, of some of my tunes. It will mostly be originals from recent work and a few covers.

I got some new stuff, some old stuff, lots of experimental stuff.

I've been asked, "What kind of music do you play?", and I usually respond, "Anything, and why are you standing on my foot?"

I've got some original jazz pieces, I have some avant-garde synthesizer pieces. ("Avant-garde" is French for "WTF is that?".) I'm tossing in some TV, movie, and Broadway pieces as well. You may have heard of some of my work already on Soundcloud, but this is for a lot of friends and relatives that are either internet-challenged, or those that aren't into streaming services, they want a physical THING that has my music on it. (Or they want to go skeet-shooting with it...)

I've got tunes selected already, most of the work now is the uploading, mastering, and physical production stuff. Haven't decided on a title yet.

Some bands use the title of one of the songs on the album as a title.

Some bands make up something really fun and kitschy.

I've got several ideas.

"Zig Wok Bammo"

"The Infinite Improbability Drive"

"Random Excess Memory"

"This end up"

"The Infrared Album"

"Killer Lazer Bunnies" (that's one of my current singles)

Or something totally different than these.

The fun about this album is that it's entirely electronically created, the individual songs are arranged and sequenced via computer and/or iPad. I'm an arranger of music. While I do some original writing and actual live performances, I enjoy taking existing music and re-arranging it to sound different, or unique, or to just be very expressive.

More to come. Watch this space!


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