Wedding Songs Nowadays - Who Knew?

I’ve performed dozens of weddings over the past 40 years, even back in high school. My first wedding that I performed was my cousin Gwen’s, sometime in the early ‘80’s. It was fairly simple, just 3 songs, the Bridal Chorus, Lohengrin’s Wedding March, and The Carpenter’s “Close To You”. I can’t remember if we had a soloist singing that song, but I sure remember playing it. The minister was at first, appalled, that we performed a “rock and roll” piece of music and I got an earful. However, Gwen made nice with the minister and the rest went off without a hitch. A little later, I performed at another wedding, this time on a full PIPE organ, for my older brother Chris’s roommate. The song w

Booking Dinners and Parties and Christmas and...

It's hot. It's screaming hot. It's so hot, I just got a booking for a fall show. How'd that happen? Perfectly cool and appropriate now. In fact, I'm already working on all of my HOLIDAY music for this season. That ought to cool me down here on the Fourth of July. I tend to work on more wedding music around Christmas and more Christmas music around May/June. Pop and jazz tunes I work on all year. However, that doesn't preclude me from booking some event or dinner or party at the drop of a hat. You want a dinner party next week? Check with me and I'm THERE. Had a pianist cancel on you for your wedding, CALL me. Right now, I've had a string of coffee shop gigs, which is all cool, but not

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