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I'm just this busy guy, ya know?

Since our last adventure, I've been adding more arrangements of pop tunes and more originals.

Folks ask me what I listen to and how that relates to what I compose or arrange. Actually, I go off in two directions. In the car I listen to hard rock or news (satellite/cable news). Or I whip out some of my favorite European industrial/symphonic metal tunes (Rammstein, Nightwish). Or lying in bed I put on instrumental modern (cool) jazz, such as Sirius/XM's channel 66 Watercolors, or DirecTV's channel 851.

Or I just put on some DEVO and get coffee.

My latest work has been some arrangements of existing tunes, one of which is a re-imagined, re-vamped and sped-up version of Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon", click here for my version. The younger generation is probably wondering, "Herbie who?".

Herbie Hancock is more well known to the older generation as a member of the Miles Davis quintet as mostly a pianist and keyboardist. He's more famous from my generation as the pop composer of the 1984 hit, "Rockit":

Meanwhile, we're in the middle of wedding season and festival season will be coming up soon. The weddings are lining up nicely, I'll have more posts on things I've done for weddings. What I'm mostly responding to now are wedding ceremonies and receptions for next year (2019) but I can fit in some more this year with advance notice.

Stay tuned. I'm planning on a few original music posts and history. Or not.

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