Foob? WTF is a "Foob"?

Everyone has different methods of composing songs. Some do it on the toilet. Some do it in bed (songwriting that is). Some will be on the train going to work and something will come to them. Me? Well, it's more like, "I've got time to blow sitting here waiting for a flight/sandwich/oil change, and I've got nothing better to do at this time, but maybe make up some music....". That's where "Foob" came from. I was sitting in the 12 Items or Less checkout aisle at Meijer's and something just hit me. Actually it was the 3-year old tyke right behind me in line, but nevertheless, I persisted. My tune "Uranus" was more of a sci-fi type thing. Foob was more like, "Let's start out with a bunch

Taylor Swift Is NOT EVIL

I'm probably in the minority and there's always going to be a wave of h8ters anyway. I read the Washington Post's article, "Taylor Swift’s cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September’ is getting some pretty harsh criticism" and I seemed to be appalled. If you can't get to the link, basically TS made a cover version of Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September", a pop/dance hit. To some it was like somebody tagged (painted onto) The Mona Lisa. Or placed the "Dogs Playing Poker" picture in The Louvre. Or brought light beer to an Octoberfest... Somebody out there are getting a little worked up over nothing. Just for comparison's sake, here's the EWF version: ...and here's Taylor Swift's (some fan made

I'm just this busy guy, ya know?

Since our last adventure, I've been adding more arrangements of pop tunes and more originals. You can hear most of this on SoundCloud. Folks ask me what I listen to and how that relates to what I compose or arrange. Actually, I go off in two directions. In the car I listen to hard rock or news (satellite/cable news). Or I whip out some of my favorite European industrial/symphonic metal tunes (Rammstein, Nightwish). Or lying in bed I put on instrumental modern (cool) jazz, such as Sirius/XM's channel 66 Watercolors, or DirecTV's channel 851. Or I just put on some DEVO and get coffee. My latest work has been some arrangements of existing tunes, one of which is a re-imagined, re-vamped and

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