Rock Music Theory for Beginners

This is the beginning of a series that I hope to keep going, that is, where a lot of popular rock tunes come from and how they get their sound. I'm not going into explicit music theory and I'm making the level of this "education" somewhere between "can play music and understand chords" to "want to figure out the chord progression in a Rolling Stones song". Here's the reason I'm posting this series. I've played music since I was a kid. However, I only started playing in a rock cover band since 2009. In the past, if I had to learn songs for my previous playing, I had to go out and buy sheet music or songbooks. Nowadays, in the thick of the Internets, you can obviously find a lot of the mus

What I'm working on....

It's a Sunday, and I'm actually doing other things today, but just wanted to give a re-cap of what's going on: Over here in Paragon, I've got to learn (or at least really practice it instead of "winging it") a few tunes for our December 19 show at The Adrian Eagles. Picking up some Robert Palmer, Dire Straits, and Eagles tunes. We've picked up quite a few new things with our new guitarist, James. We've got a lot of the next year planned out in the Adrian area so I'll have more here and on the Paragon site. The Eagles tune is a tune for the holidays, our version, James does the vocals. Over in Mercury7, we're back to The Island (in Sterling Heights) in February, experimenting with coo

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